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A Notorious Generation That’s NOT ‘Ready To Die'!


Another racially-charged shooting happened this weekend in Madison, WI, where an unarmed, 19-year-old, African-American male was fatally shot in his apartment after allegedly engaging in a confrontation with a white police officer who responded to a call of [assault and] battery. Unfortunately, I can’t say I am surprised. Although the various media outlets continue to frame these incidents according to their agendas and viewer demographics—incorporating a palette of different colors (emotions, experiences, beliefs, biases, etc.) and causing further division amongst a nation already heavily divided—they, ultimately, are not to blame.

Everyone is trying to make sense of a “continuous occurrence” that doesn’t make sense. The truth is that society, as a whole, has failed. The manner in which the ​systems of this nation and


world continues to bend little by little to the pressures of popular opinion has produced a culture that lacks what it needs most…purpose-driven, Godly-minded young men and women—many of whom cannot perceive the hope, truth, and/or success relative to their futures and, thus, feeling as though they have nothing to live for. In fact, so many are (as one late notorious rapper once stated) “Ready to Die.” Unenlightened generations have unknowingly and unintentionally followed this “school” of thought!

What is the solution? Very simply put…Jesus, and those who will stand up IN and FOR Him. He is, as the Word of God declares, “the Way, the Truth, the Life”. America has taken the most crucial variable out of the equation that produces the life God intends for His creation. Put Jesus (the Living Word of God) back into the equation now and we will begin to see different outcomes in the

lives of this and future generations. Contrarily, failing to do so will produce even worse, more chaotic, confused, wicked generations—from those in positions of power to those governed by them.


Will we remain more concerned with the complacency of tip-toeing around nonbelievers and critics than for standing in and up for the truth? It’s either God’s way or man’s opinion! The choice is, will be, and—from the beginning—always has been ours. I don’t know about you, but as for me and my house… “WE will serve the Lord!”

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