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Lecrae Wins Another Grammy... (The Takeover IS Happening!)


Although I did not get a chance to watch the Grammy’s this year, I did hear about a few highlights, and I only took interest in one topic; Lecrae winning another Grammy. My opinion…God is truly paving the way for the infiltration and domination of this music industry; it is His time, and it is happening…now!

This is about how a Christian Rapper in less than a year and a half, has won a Grammy, performed live on The Tonight Show, and been nominated for another Grammy in the same category of the most famous secular rapper of the last 15 years…Eminem (Lecrae lost in that category, but did happen to pick up his 2nd Grammy later on in the evening in another Christian category). In any case, I would like to make the case, that something is happening here…I would even go as far as to say…a revolution is in the making; I am calling it...The Takeover.


Christian rap has for a long time gotten a bad “rap”. It has been widely viewed as…corny. That connotation is pretty much dead at this point, in fact, most of the top rap albums released these days are from Christian Rappers who have come out of literally nowhere and are leaving secular rappers in the dust (ex. Derek Minor, Andy Mineo). The upside down pyramid that has been exalted in this recent generation is about to be flipped, RIGHT side up. Glory to God!

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