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In March 2008, DAY was diagnosed with Stage II Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a cancerous disease that attacked his lymph nodes and formed golf ball-sized tumors throughout his neck and chest. As his very life was committed into the care of some of the nation’s top oncologists, DAY endured the next eight months undergoing bi-weekly chemotherapy treatments, weekly blood draws, and numerous CT scans— not to mention a ten-day hospital stay as he battled pneumonia, which ultimately attempted to claim his life.


The fight, though seemingly interminable, couldn’t stop DAY from pursuing his God-given purpose. What didn’t kill him definitely made him stronger! Never losing sight of the fact that the Great Physician is also a faithful Healer, the disease evoked greater faith and even more so ignited his passion to proclaim the Gospel. DAY began recording the Psalms of David EP. U Made Me Better (written immediately following the ill-fated diagnosis), is a testimonial declaration of praise, thanking God in advance for what DAY already knew would come to pass—total restoration of his body, mind, and soul! Completely healed of these cancerous tumors, DAY is the very essence of what it means to overcome. In April 2013, five years after the diagnosis, DAY was declared, “medically cured”.

U MADE ME BETTER (From Diagnosis to Wholeness)

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